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You can mix and match different paper sizes and types to get larger quantity discounts:

For example:
Any 2 Boxes of Paper=Pay 2 Box Price
Any 5 Boxes of Paper=Pay 5 Box Price
Any 10 Boxes of Paper=Pay 10 Box Price
Any 25 Boxes of Paper=Pay 25 Box Price
Any 50 Boxes of Paper=Pay 50 Box Price
Any 100 Boxes of Paper=Pay 100 Box Price
Any 500 Boxes of Paper=Pay 500 Box Price
Qualifying Paper Sizes & Types: Paper Rolls, Printer Paper, Guest Checks, Thermal Bar Code Labels, Thermal Scale Labels

You can mix and match different inkjets and toner cartridges to get a great bundle deal on inkjets and toners.

Cyan InkjetsInkjet/Toner: Cyan
Magenta InkjetsInkjet/Toner: Magenta
Magenta InkjetsInkjet/Toner: Magenta
Black InkjetsInkjet/Toner: Black

Unlike our competitors who require you to buy a 4-pack (one of each color) to get a discount, with us you can choose to mix and match any 4 Inkjet cartridges or 4 ink toner cartridges (for the same printer) to get a great bundle price.