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Quality supplies at competitive prices: that's what we've been delivering since 1977. And during that time, we've served over 40,000 retail business, from restaurants and grocery stores to service stations and pharmacies.

We'll save you money.
  • Low prices. Because we're a well-established high-volume dealer in our niche, we can deliver rock-bottom prices.
  • Quality merchandise that pays off. Our top-quality supplies provide superior equipment performance that can translate into significant cost savings.
  • Free shipping. Unlike our competitors, who try to tempt you with "low prices" but then slap on shipping charges at the last minute, Paper Roll Supplies gives you free shipping on every order, every time.
  • Easy quantity discounts. Multiply your savings by combining different items within the same category. For example, if you buy three cases of paper "A" and two of paper "B," you'll get the five-item price break on both!
We'll save you time.
  • Speedy ordering. The only thing faster than ordering from Paper Roll Supplies is re-ordering from us. Whether you order online or by phone or fax, we've made the process streamlined and quick.
  • Same-day ship-out. All of our items are in stock and ready for delivery. Order by 4:00pm EST, and we'll ship out your order that day (Monday through Friday).
We're reliable.
  • Excellent merchandise. Everything we carry is of the finest quality - guaranteed to fit your particular machine and perform optimally.
  • Quality packaging. All of our cartridge ribbons, ink rollers and spool ribbons are individually wrapped in plastic packaging to prevent them from drying out, and enclosed in crush-proof boxes.
  • Online delivery tracking. You can check the progress of your shipment after 6:00pm on the day of the order, Monday through Friday.
  • Superb service. We want to make you happy. To learn about our commitment to outstanding customer service, click here
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